Team Director



Illuminate, Inc. exists to provide family-specific solutions. We seek to heal & encounter hurting families through our core values of Love, Truth, Mission, and Innovation. Illuminate has its emphasis on developing a Model for Family Based Evangelization with a mission to “Heal the Family.” The position of Team Director within the Founding Leadership Initiative (FLI) has a direct responsibility in leading the "first wave" of missionaries on the ground in this battle for the Family. 

Minimum requirements include:

  • US citizenship at the time of application (dual national US citizens are eligible)
  • A four-year college/university degree from an accredited institution (applicants within one year of earning a four-year degree will be considered)
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing work and training requirements
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to make decisions to meet existing conditions and mission requirements rather than relying on preset assumptions and goals
  • Six year commitment to serve as Founding Leadership in seeing through Launch, Send, and Pioneer process. (See Brochure)


Position Responsibilities

Founding Team Directors will work directly with Founder, Brian Limas, to launch the first Teams of Family Missionaries in the United States in Fall 2018. This includes:

  • Fundraise 100% of salary and assist future family missionaries with their fundraising goals
  • Relocate and study for one year of formation in Rome, Italy at the St. John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family
    (Desire To Learn Foreign Language is Required)
  • Determine ways to apply formation into finalizing model specific design for Family Based Evangelization (FBE)
  • Develop and/or determine effective tools and resources for missionaries to utilize while on assignment to serve families. 
  • Manage and implement training and formation in the FLI while leading operations for founding teams, location TBD
  • Develop new strategies of Evangelization in the "evolution assessment" to pivot and execute in cultural adaptation of new community you are sent
  • Manage all financial budgeting for Family Missionary Team 
  • Work collaboratively with Religious Orders and other Lay Apostolates in building fruitful strategic partnerships both apostolic and financial 
  • Assist the expansion and transition of the Parish Academy platform as primary means of financial support for future missionaries.
  • Helping with administrative tasks as needed and other responsibilities that develop during your time of service in Illuminate.


Position Requirements




Bachelor’s degree  OR  Entrepreneurial Experience Equivalent to Knowledge Required for Position



  • Entrepreneurial Mindset in business start-up preferred
  • Prior experience with Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) desired
  • Experience working in ministry or missionary for at least two years preferred




  • Must be in Good Standing with the Catholic Church
  • Demonstrates excellence in responding to the Holy Spirit's formative work in his or her own life
  • Endeavors to draw closer to the Lord in prayer and through a rich sacramental life; has a burning desire to help fulfill the Great Commission
  • Is self-motivated and works well independently
  • Has excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Teaches Live content on Social Media for Blog, (see Fully Alive) or other means of communication online
  • Has strong organizational skills, including the ability to work well on a team and with groups
  • Gets along well with others and is a good listener
  • Thinks creatively and is open to new approaches
  • Has experience with Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office products


Working Conditions


This position is demanding and intentionally designed to form leaders for the New Evangelization through intense experiences of healing and encounter in pioneering a new way of life for young people to serve in the Church for the Family. One should expect to be pushed to their limits intellectually, spiritually, physically, and mentally as the current climate of building is in the process of stabilization.


Terms and Conditions

All formation will result in attaining a Masters of Science of Marriage and Family from the St. John Paul II Institute in Rome. With this opportunity to be provided by serving, a minimum commitment of Six Years is to be agreed upon as commensurate to the gratuitous investment made in each person accepted into the FLI. If for any circumstance you cannot fulfill the six years, all financial investment for the Masters Degree will need to re-paid to allow others that are available to continue in this mission.

***Contract Agreement will be Mandatory***