Media Internship



Illuminate, Inc. exists to provide family-specific solutions. We seek to heal & encounter hurting families through our core values of Love, Truth, Mission, and Innovation. Illuminate has its emphasis on developing a Model for Family Based Evangelization with a mission to “Heal the Family.” Within the mission of Illuminate, a movement known as Captivate is commissioned to unite creatives from all disciplines to transform the digital space through Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The position of Media Intern within Captivate has a direct responsibility in leading the charge to emulate beauty through your creative talent in digital media. 

Video Marketing Internship (Italy)

Illuminate, Inc. is seeking a senior undergraduate or graduate intern to help create short marketing videos based on our Founders Desk marketing campaign.  This premier opportunity within Captivate is a fast-paced working environment working alongside Founding Leadership to help tell the story of our mission to Heal the Family through the press and other media outlets.  In order to reach a broader audience, FLI have started to develop web-based videos as promotional materials to reach audiences beyond those coming through our doors.  Interns in this position will be developing creative and innovative marketing and video brand standards.    This internship also involves hands-on learning and one-on-one interactions with Founding Leadership and content creators from other lay apostolates.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated media student to create a portfolio of defining pieces and influence Captivate’s video standards and future media process.

Project Description (2 part-time interns will share 1 full time internship)

Project Title:  Creating short, web-based videos for marketing purposes based on our Founders Desk branding campaign.

Project Description: Intern will film and document Founding Leadership's experience while in Rome to create several 2-3 minute videos that will be used on our Facebook, Instagram, and Fully Alive mediums to engage our online visitors.  He or she will project-manage each shoot, including pre-production, filming, writing (occasionally), interviewing, post production and editing with guidance from founder Brian Limas and other Founding Leadership.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Learning how to concept, shoot and edit for marketing-based clients centered around an institution-wide branding campaign.  In addition, learning how marketing and PR based videos are different and how to represent each style
  2. Learn how to create a video style guide
  3. Learn how to think about target audiences and how to market towards new audiences
  4. Gain a good knowledge of how innovative Catholic organizations handle social media and how to incorporate video into the social media strategy
  5. Learn how to tell compelling and buzz-worthy stories through short video
  6. Learn how to document experience in the field
  7. Gain increased knowledge of video editing and shooting techniques

Stipend: 100% Personal Fundraising for Living Cost

For more information or to apply, please contact Brian Limas at

Applicants should send the following:

  • Resume
  • Statement of interest and desired learning outcomes
  • Copy of unofficial transcript
  • Two letters of reference
  • Web links to previous video projects or portfolio