A Vision for the Family, Formation that Changes Everything...

So as many of you know now, this is the third year in the project, and it has led me to Rome. As they say, all roads lead to Rome; well, it has come true. I have to say it is quite breathtaking to wake up and to now be studying in the Lateran, the school of the Pope, in Vatican City.

But you want to know what is even more breathtaking? The legacy of one man named St. John Paul II the Great.

You may have heard of him. Well in the genius that is of St. JPII, he founded an institute here in Rome over 33 years ago with a specific focus of studies in the discipline of Marriage and Family.

He desired this school to be an "international delegation" for the family to address the needs of the family in the heart of the Church. This is where I now study for the next nine months: at the St. John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family here in Rome. Today in class when everyone said where they were from, trust me it is the Catholic United Nations up in here.

So why Rome? Why now?

It is my hope to marry, no pun intended, this year of intensive formation with the past two years of experience in surveying the needs of the family and assessing strategies, to one day send family missionaries out into society to Heal the Family. You can check out our plans here. However, do you want a sneak peak into some of this formation??? I thought you would, and if you said no, well you're going to learn about it anyway.

In each semester, we take 12 classes. (Gulp) I know kind of intimidating, but just look at these titles. All I have to say is, "Worth it!" Now, I won't list all of them but here are my Top 3 that I am excited to share about this semester.

  1. "Called To Love:" Love, The Communion of Persons and the Nuptial Mystery
  2. Family history: From the Greek World to Post-Modernism
  3. After the Synod: The Streets of Family Ministry

Another example is this boss speaker series entitled: "Testimonies of Family Ministry." The titles alone should make you want to jump on a plane to be present! Check them out below.

  1. Family and Vocation

  2. Itineraries of Faith for People Separated and Divorced in a New Union

  3. Fidelity in Separation

  4. Help for Couples and Families in Crisis

  5. Accompanied Pastoral Care of Persons with Same Sex Attraction
    (Courage -Italy)

  6. The Suffering of Abortion

  7. Family in Mission - A missionary family who consulted in the Synod on the family presents their witness. Oh yeah, they have 12 children too, an inspiration. I. Can. Not. Wait.

If you are not stoked after reading these amazing sources of formation, you might need to check if you have a pulse. Seriously, it is no joke that this formation is a game changer in that so many individuals and families are hurting every day, yearning for answers to their questions that burn deep within for the truth. I believe that this is what we will learn this year, and you know what the coolest part about all this is? YOU DO TOO!

We will talk about that in a little bit...stay to the end to see how you can join in on this formation.

A Change in Leadership

Now in recent weeks, there have been changes to the leadership here at the Institute that came as shock to some. You can read about that here. However, I would like to express interest in a more positive light as today guess what happened??? I just met the new President today and now you can too!

Below is a link to audio of Cardinal Paglia addressing all students of the JPII Institute here in Rome.

I for one, look forward to further dialogue to understand and broaden my Catholic worldview from all who teach and attend here at the JPII. Lets just see how God's will unfolds.

I have presented an overview of just why this formation is killer, but this month on Fully Alive, we will present in more detail the "gold nuggets" that JPII left for us in his writings from his encyclical "On the Family" to his "Letter to Families." Stay tuned. Ciao!


Oh yeah...I almost forgot! How can you possibly receive this formation without getting on a plane to Rome and taking an hour and a half commute into the city? You can join the Fully Alive online community on Parish Academy. Right now, for anyone who donates a gift towards our project, you get founder access to Exclusive Live webinars streamed to all devices in the comfort of your home. It is also recorded to replay when you have the time to be formed. For monthly donors, you lock in your price from whatever amount you give, as the price will go up when we launch from our Beta version right now. One-Time Donors will have access but be asked to upgrade in the future. Get in before we launch!