Launching "Fully Alive: LIVE"

Hey Family! 

Brian here with an exciting announcement that if you missed, no worries, I got your back! So for the longest time, the team and I discussed the endless possibilities of thinking outside the box for our content delivery. 

Now for some of you, just reading our blog is enough. BUT...we wanted to give something better for you readers that want to know the "Nitty Gritty" of how/why that content was written. So, we gladly announce Fully Alive: LIVE.

For every week that we have a new blog post, you can catch a live 10-15 minute fireside chat with the online missionary who wrote the blog for some Q&A on Facebook Live. Now if you want to know more, you can watch our epic launch video where Dylan and I go in detail how you can tune in.

Launching Fully Alive LIVE

Posted by Project Illuminate on Friday, February 10, 2017
Brian LimasComment