The Catholic Snowden? Archbishop Viganò

By: Brian Limas

As you may be aware, on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 a letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was published worldwide. If true, this testimony uncovers some of the deepest and darkest secrets within the Catholic church in our modern day. A new article published by OnePeterFive now brings to light a full detailed account of the origins of the letter and addresses the notion of if this was retaliatory or vindictive in nature. 

"Viganò’s colleague, Monsignor Jean François Lantheaume, whose job it was to inform Cardinal McCarrick of the news that Pope Benedict XVI had levied sanctions against him" verified these accusations to be true.  His correspondence ended with the alarming statement, "These may be the last lines I write… if I am found chopped up by a chainsaw and my body sunk in concrete, the police and the hacks will say that we have to consider the hypothesis of suicide!!! " (OnePeterFive) Clearly he is willing to verify the truth to the point of potentially putting his life at risk.

If you would like to read more on the development or origin story, please click above to do so. Now, before this post begins to be confused with all the information littered throughout, we must take into account the severity and courageousness it took to come forward. It seems almost every day since, bishop after bishop, cardinal after cardinal, are demanding an investigation into these grave allegations. However, let us be honest, it is more of a trickle rather than an outpouring of our shepherds "publicly" seeking answers. The begging question: what happens next?

To answer this question we must look at the words of Archbishop Viganò responding to why this cover up happened in the first place: 

Because the cracks of which Paul VI spoke, from which he said the smoke of Satan would infiltrate the house of God, have become chasms. The devil is working overtime. And to not admit that, or to turn our face away from it, would be our greatest sin.
— Archbishop Vigano, Source: 1P5

The last line of Vigano's statement is a stern warning to each and every one of us in the Church, especially the laity. It is apparent that the devil is working overtime. This is evident especially in a previous post where I spoke of the destabilization of orthodoxy in the leadership at the St. John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Rome.  Likewise, the questionable leadership of the church, installed by Pope Francis, is coming to light. 

We now have an Archbishop who courageously took a last stand against the devil within the Church. In result, he is now forever on the run, in fear for his life, and at best we have a divided response from our leadership? Now is the time, more than ever, that we must stand united behind our true shepherds that will not settle for anything less than the truth that Christ has left for us in the beauty of his Church. This is a call in solidarity that the true Church will rise and the false will fall.

Spoiler alert: If we are in the prophetic times prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, it will only get darker before the light of Christ shall reign again. Rightfully so, Archbishop Viganò may become coined as the Catholic Snowden who is in asylum, ironically in Russia, forever labeled as an enemy of the state. Likewise, this call to stand behind our courageous shepherds may very well result that we will be labeled as enemies of the Vatican state. So be it.

We must look to the legacy of all the holy men and women who have come before us and stood in the face of the enemy time and time again. Some even to the point that they shed their blood in line with Christ's teaching, "For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." (Matthew 16:25) In losing their life, they found it.  There is nothing to fear.

 With that same tenacity and boldness, we as a new generation must embrace the shield of Christ and battle cry of St. John Paul II: "Be Not Afraid." Why? It is founded in the Lord's promise to those teaching His commandments; "I am with you always, to the close of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)  

May the true Church of Jesus Christ forever reign in beauty, truth, and splendor. May we not fall away as cowards when the moment our Church needs to be defended from the enemies within.