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Marriage: Sacramental Beauty

By: Andrea Quinn

When a couple loves each other in such a deep and pure way, their love, in a way, becomes inclusive instead of exclusive. We are drawn to them. The love they give and receive from each other spills over in love for others and in its greatest intesity, brings forth new life.


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Why Don't Catholic Churches Look Like Coffee Shops?

By: Chloe Langr

Why don't Catholic churches look like coffee shops? Why are Catholic churches often easily recognizable places of worship? In a recent video, Father Mike Schmitz discussed why we don't drink coffee at Mass and how the Mass calls us to not simply watch, but to worship. But what about the architecture of the church itself? Does the design of the building where we worship matter? 

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How "This Is Us" Radiates The Heart of the Family: PART I

By: Brian Limas

So I literally could not wait to write this blog as I have a new favorite show on NBC titled "This Is Us."  Now with most programming, it honestly can be depressing to find it filled with relativism, pornography, and just about everything under the sun that is not good for the soul. It is very rare that you find something that not only moves you on T.V., but has the capacity to captivate something invisible to man; the soul.

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