Becoming: Beauty in Every Woman and in Every Man

Becoming: Beauty in Every Woman and in Every Man

Mary is our hope personified. She is captivating, full of grace. She is obedient, humbled to God’s will. She bears fruit, which is every woman’s desire--be it physical or spiritual fruit. She is joyful with a desire to do God’s will.

She is, as Fulton Sheen wrote, ‘what God wanted us all to be.’

We are in a constant state of becoming like Joseph and Mary—albeit in various ways—when we are open to God.

Following Him Really!

By: Katie Mathes

After many conversations with my spiritual director on this particular topic, hours spent studying the videos and writings of Bishop Robert Barron, and countless days wrestling with “the really virus”, I think I have come to a point where I can summarize the tips I’ve received, and offer some practical advice for following the Will of God.


anding of God’s will for our lives.