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An Incredible Emphasis on Family

There was once a time where inappropriate shows were saved for night time- after little eyes were closed and fast asleep. Now it seems that nothing and no time is appropriate television for the entire family.  Many movies need to be censored and the lines of PG and PG-13 are getting blurrier by the day. Alongside this, we are in a time of political unrest and transition towards more liberal agenda: mainly, questions of gender and equality seem to steep into everything, especially media.  Some blogs ago, I wrote about Netflix and how we need to guard ourselves and be careful of what we watch and what media we consume. At the time, I felt a little near-despair at the media choices available. But then I went to see Incredibles 2 and I got pretty inspired…

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Becoming: Beauty in Every Woman and in Every Man

Mary is our hope personified. She is captivating, full of grace. She is obedient, humbled to God’s will. She bears fruit, which is every woman’s desire--be it physical or spiritual fruit. She is joyful with a desire to do God’s will.

She is, as Fulton Sheen wrote, ‘what God wanted us all to be.’

We are in a constant state of becoming like Joseph and Mary—albeit in various ways—when we are open to God.

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Woman Warriors

By: Jessica Ball

Fierce. Valiant. Brave.

Unwavering in mission. Descendant of an epic lineage.

In the past few months, Wonder Woman has captured our hearts. Guys cheer for her, girls want to don her armbands and wield swords. She has given us an image of womanhood—one of physical strength and fearless leadership.


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