What is Project Illuminate?

Hey You!

I think it's time to launch our first ever...

Brand Spanking New...



you may have been following us on social media for some time now, or this may be the first thing ever you've seen from us. If so...

Well let me start off by saying the project is...


One. Simple. Thing.


It Starts the conversation.

A conversation based on healing the family and what we are going to do about it! 

You see the key word?


There is no way anyone can say "I have a silver bullet that will solve everything!!"

Unless you're Jesus.

He could hook it up in ways that are a game changer for all of us, but that is not always everyone's take on the story. Well if that's not a story that resonates with you, I'll tell you another story.

There was a boy who grew up in one of the poorest counties in Texas.

Now his family did not have much but what they had in abundance...

They had love.

It seemed like no matter what happened, from choosing to eat and not pay the light bill, or not minding to live simply when it came to other financial matters,

Nothing was getting in the way of his family loving one another.

But as all things are vulnerable, there was one thing that could break through this unit and that was FAMILY itself.

One Decision. One Night. One Fight.

A domestic dispute that led to see Father against Son. Mother against daughter. One boy witnessed it all at 8 years old.

His family was broken, bruised, and homeless; that led them to even simpler living situations.

But one thing remained...


That boy was me. I grew up. I survived, but only through the grace of God and loving parents that were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to build a home that they never had. 

What have I realized since?

I Am Not Alone. No Family Is Perfect.


There is No Greater Love Than To Lay Down One's Life for the Sake of Another. 

But what was most impacting is that I wanted to help other families see the greatness within themselves in the power to transform the world into something society could only have imagined.

So you want to know what is Project Illuminate?

It is a conversation based on a story of a poor boy from Texas enhanced by a vision from God to Heal the Family to make something happen.

To Create a Family Missionary Model that will help other families see the greatness within themselves in the power to transform the world into something society can only dream.

So I now ask what is your story?

What is your vision?


Welcome to the Project.


Let's Change The World Together.